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​Workshop Videos


Case Managers, Carol Currie and Tiffany Diaz, shared excellent advice about how parents and children can cope with the demands of remote learning during the COVID-19 crisis in a recent Zoom workshop for Chatham County CSBG Participants.   CSBG Staff have embraced the challenge to continue informative workshops for participants during the pandemic.  Thanks to the progressive efforts of our Executive Director, we have the technical capability to engage with participants and enlighten them in a safe, effective, and considerate way.   I am very proud of staff for their creativity and resourcefulness.  Sheryl Andrews, CSBG Director

Case Manager, Lisa Scott recently conducted a Zoom workshop for her clients, “Should I get vaccinated?”.

Case Managers, Sandra Rush and James Martin, shared a Zoom workshop for their clients, “How to Manage Your Stimulus and Tax Refunds”.

Case Managers Carol Currie and Tiffany Diaz held a Zoom workshop for Chatham CSBG participants on 6/25/2021.  Staff discussed mental health challenges and shared a variety of examples and tips about how to address these issues and highlighted local therapeutic resources.  We hope that by talking openly about mental health we can remove the stigma around it and help our clients and the community access the resources that they need for mental health concerns. 

Case Managers, Carol Currie and Tiffany Diaz, shared a Zoom workshop for their clients, “Let's Talk Money”.

Case Manager Lisa Scott, shared a Zoom workshop for her clients to learn about Dress For Success”.

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